Weight Graded Whippet Racing Association

The main purpose of this new whippet racing association is to provide a safe environment for all sizes of whippets. Whippets will run in divisions based on weights, such that all whippets will have an equal opportunity to earn championship points. The bases for such an association comes from the Europian style of whippet racing. This association was initially setup in 2005 after about a year of planning and trying out different weight ranges. Since the range from lowest weight to highest weight whippet was dependent on the whippets that entered a race meet, it was finally decided to base the divisions on an 8 pound difference within each division. Weights would be taken at roll call. From the lightest weight whippet in attendance, 8 pounds would be added to that weight as the ending weight for the light weight division. The next higher weight would be the beginning weight of the medium weight division and 8 pounds added to that weight would be the ending weight. The heavy weight division would then include all those above the highest weight of the medium weight division or more divisions added per the 8 pound difference at the clubs descretion if the higher weights warrant more divisions. Click here for the Protocols (word format) [Protocols (pdf format)] (Updated 11/16/11)

Contact one of the following to schedule a meet:

On December 4, 2011, JRRWA hosted the first weight graded uval meet. Contact as noted above to schedule one. Be sure to state the distance and type of start.

Grading Guide - Straight (pdf format)
Grading Guide - Straight (Excel format)

Grading Guide - Uval/Oval (pdf format)
Grading Guide - Uval/Oval (Excel format)

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Some Statistics on Grand Champion Winners' Weights and Times (an Excel file)

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